Crowquill Records


Crowquill is an independent record label founded in the fall of 2012, and is based out of Texas, USA.  You will likely not find any national headliners here, but what you will find are real people with real lives.  Day jobs, families, and an endless commitment to create.

We believe music should be easily accessible by anyone that might listen.  Many of our releases are freely downloadable, or “name your price”. That said, every release has associated costs: Recording, Mastering, Photography, Cover Artwork, etc. All profits from a release are split 50/50 with the artists only after we break even on our initial investment.  Please consider putting some dollars toward the releases you've found to be worthy of adding to your listening rotation.

You can follow us on Twitter, and Facebook or subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed of important information regarding artists and releases.


Shipping sucks.  We do our best to keep shipping costs as low as possible, however that means that we currently lose money on almost every single shipment we make.  Please consider purchasing multiple items in one order (or bulk purchase with friends in the same area).  The majority of the shipping cost is on the first item, and extra items only add a little bit to the order.

All items are properly packaged, particularly vinyl.  We remove records from their jackets before shipping (unless they are shrink wrapped) to prevent seam splits, and do our best to protect edges and corners.  If you receive anything that is damaged in any way, please contact us and we will replace it.


We genuinely appreciate every single submission that we receive.  If you are interested in what we are doing, and think you might fit in well along with our other artists, please send us an email.  Be sure to include links to any social media sites you might be a part of, specifically where we can stream/download your audio or video.

Understand that this is a self-funded venture, and as such it is un-likely that we will have the resources to work with you.


If you are a reckless-investor, trust-fund baby, or straight up sugar-momma that is looking for an endless blackhole to throw your money away in, with zero ROI ... we would love to talk to you about the many opportunities that we have to offer.  Seriously .