Crowquill Records

Búho "Beggars' Teeth" Cassette PRE-ORDER / Digital Release 15 Oct 2013

The re-recorded, re-mixed, and re-mastered version of Búho's "Beggars' Teeth" EP is now available for Cassette PRE-ORDER and Digital Download. 

Beggars' Teeth is a three song release that works as a "show-all/tell-all" of what the band is capable of. The release is highly eclectic in song writing and style that is tightly interwoven so that it's tough to deny the band of having a unique signature. Beggars' Teeth ranges from melodic noise based arrangements to flowering pop elements and closes off with a "cut/paste" structured song that somehow manages to work together so well that you'll go through listening to it and not realize that you just experienced a minimum of three musical genres back to back with in the same song.

You can stream, purchase, or download the release from our store.