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Codas "Currents"

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Currents is the debut EP from Brooklyn based, Codas.

Exclusive premiere of "White Black" was hosted by Pure Grain Audio. Exclusive premiere of "Follow The Blind" was hosted by Echoes and Dust. Exclusive stream of the entire EP was hosted by Ghost Cult Magazine.

Officially released on June 2, 2015.


"Currents is overclocked and overloaded, a phenomenon of acceleration and intensity, shocking and fearless, a monster with white, bare knuckles and grinning teeth." ~ Arctic Drones

"[This is] a diamond of an EP" ~ Echoes and Dust

"This record is like a rebirth in a way. By the time you are done listening to it, you'll be looking forward to the next one just as much as I am." ~ The Sludge Lord

Track Listing

  1. The Sun Martyr
  2. Follow The Blind
  3. White Black
  4. Currents