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Oecist is an Instrumental/Post-Metal(ish) solo project of BJ Dierkes, also known for his work in The Ground and several unknown bands around Central East/Coast Florida including The Embrace of a Child and the great Elevator The Escalator. Pulling from a varied array of influences that range from late 90's Florida hardcore bands such as Shai Hulud, Dragbody, and Omega Man, to the more recent instrumental/post-metal acts in the vein of Cloudkicker, Pelican, and Sisters of... - Oecist makes no attempt to fit into the mold of any particular genre.


Check out the exclusive stream of "XVIII LIII" over at Echos and Dust!

All music written, recorded, and mixed by BJ Dierkes in 2014. Mastered by Nick Zampiello and Rob Gonnella at New Alliance East. Cover artwork by Kiyo Murakami.


"Oecist really demonstrate various elements of the current instrumental sub-genres, mixing them all together resulting in a very eclectic post-whatever mix." ~ Sander van den Driesche @ Echos and Dust

"It has all the trimmings of technical finesse with interludes of guitar riffage and pummeling percussion that will send chills down your spine." ~ I.O. Kirkwood @ Metal Descent

"This is overall a great EP from someone who will hopefully evolve and change and bring more music out of himself. A fantastic piece of work." ~ David Bamford @ Rock N Reel Reviews

Track Listing

  1. Awake, Breathe In
  2. A Faint Echo of a Past Life
  3. Self-Destruct, Rebuild
  4. The Unknown is Inviting
  5. I Still Dream